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So i have this edit and i put it on a group, lost the wmv nor (Csgo) so im trying to find it in a group is it easy?. the Facebook Lite app? How do I prevent people from downloading my Page's videos to How can I download a copy of my Page? Can I pick and choose which information I would like to down How do I download and log into the Facebook video for TV app? How do I video chat with someone or a group on Facebook?. To share photos or videos with a group: 1. Click Add Photo/Video at the top of the group.

Dec 19, By: Stephane Taine, Product Manager, Messenger. As we close the year, we're thrilled to launch the most requested Messenger feature ever — the ability to video chat in groups. Group Video Chat in Messenger makes it simple and seamless to stay connected face-to-face. Starting today, Group Video Chat. Jan 17, Facebook today began testing Watch Party, a new feature available to groups that lets members watch videos at the same time while continuing to comment and interact. Any public Facebook video can be included in a Watch Party, whether it's live or prerecorded. The goal is to make watching videos a fun. Facebook Groups not only enable you to organize teams, clients and colleagues, they can also be used to share photo and video content between these collections of people. Facebook lets you post links to YouTube from within Facebook Groups, or you can upload the original clip itself if you have access to it .

Feb 11, If you post a video to a group then all members of the group will be able to see the video. If the group is open then anyone who views the group will be able to see the video. From the Facebook FAQ. How do I post videos to a group? Group admins can select whether videos can be posted to a group from. Jan 17, Facebook's turning its push for well-being through active, not passive, content consumption into a feature with its new test of “Watch Party”. It allows Group admins to pick any public video on Facebook and show it to their members at the same time with a dedicated comment reel to create a “shared viewing. Jan 17, Now Facebook is making another change with the same goal: It's testing a new product called “Watch Party” that will let groups of Facebook users watch the same video at the same time, even if the video isn't being broadcast live. Facebook says that live videos generate six times as many “interactions”.


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