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Title, Choukou Sennin Haruka. Original title, 超昂閃忍ハルカ. Length, Long (30 - 50 hours). Developer, Alice Soft. Publishers, Alice Soft · MangaGamer. Relations. Shares characters: Choukou Sennin Haruka -Shippuu!? Ninj Mamanyonyo; Sequel: Choukou Sennin Haruka: Haruka VS Esca Same series: Choukou Shinki. Though the game was first released in Japan on February 29th, , during the Anime Expo of July 5 , MangaGamer announced its partnership with Alice Soft thus officially opening the company to the western Market. Beat Blades Haruka was somewhat surprisingly the first game announced following the partnership. Haruka's Love route is available with at least 3 hearts, and may always be available regardless. For love route choice to appear you have to max her love gauge.

1 Jul Beat Blades Haruka Limited Edition (hardcopy). Developer: Alicesoft. Genre: Role playing. Specification: Without Mosaics, Partially Voiced. Category: Action, Fantasy Upon Haruka's appearance, he was determined, if not bewildered by the revelations, to fight the Noroi Faction. Haruka Takamori. A Blade. 29 Feb Like other games from Alicesoft, Beat Blades Haruka is a fun game to play on top of being an adult game. Having gameplay mechanics built into the H-scenes (or is it vice-versa? not sure how to say it) creates great, satisfying fun and good replay value. I can only hope that Mangagamer licenses and. 9 Feb Hi, this is Beat Blades Haruka translator and professional Alicesoft fan guy Arunaru. Are you looking forward to Beat Blades Haruka? You should be, it's pretty good, in my professional opinion. But I do think people aren't entirely clear on what this game's all about, exactly. Haruka being not so much a visual.

1 Mar Alicesoft's Beat Blades Haruka is (finally!) on sale! To make up for our store's downtime during the pre-order period, we're extending the 10% pre-order discount for the next week! Update 3/6/ If you're experiencing issues launching the game, unexpected crashes, or the in-game videos won't play back . One day, he fell in love at first sight with girl, a transfer student named Takamori Haruka. Then on that very night, Takamaru and Narika became pursued by a group of mysterious ninja. Just when they thought all hope is lost, Haruka appeared in kunoichi attire. Haruka referred to Takamaru as "young boss". ​. Overview: Ikusabe Takamaru is a student at the Ten Treasure Academy, living an ordinary school life, seeking romances which are constantly interfered by Shihoudou Narika (the daughter of his apartment manager). One day, he fell in love at first sight with a transfer student.


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