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Honey the hippie psychedelic

Psychedelic Lyrics: WARNING. WE DO NOT ADVOCATE THE USE OF PSYCHEDELIC DRUGS. WE ARE NOT ABOVE NOR BELOW THE INFLUENCE. WE ARE THE INFLUENCE / Yo! / They want me to rap about swag and having ass and. [Verse 1: Honey The Hippie] Yo, I want to, go to the 60's. Get trippy with those hippies. In the past we were passionate pacifists. Passing hits to, black activists, and black advocates. But these days the dumb ass kids got the blackest lips. Who rap about grabbing guns and grabbing gats and clips. I call them Trojan rappers . What do you get when you mash up a poet with hip-hop influences and a psychedelic vibe? Honey the Hippie. With nearly half a million views on her Youtube freestyles, Honey the Hippie has proven to be a rare breed of unsigned female rappers. This Houston native's style is often described as Indie Rap, with her music.

29 May Honey the Hippie - Peace Of Mind - Free Mixtape Download or Stream it. 22 May First song off of my upcoming mixtape, "Peace of Mind". Download it FREE here: xtapehtml · female rapper psychedelic trippymane trippytribe hippie hiphop hip-hop hippy. Show more. Sorry, something went wrong. Retry. 2 Feb Honey the Hippie is bringing a sweet new flavor to the rap game with her spectacular lyricism and word play. AVR first encountered Honey after bumping into her hot hip hop music visual 'Ride' (found below). With "Ride" & " Psychedelic" being so successful,I feel like I accomplished this goal. " Click on the.

They want me to rap about swag and having ass and cash? I'll rather bash a female rapper, put careers in caskets. And hide her ashes in attics and act like nothing happened. So reconsider rapping if it's honey the hippie you're blasting. It's a damn catastrophe, cause I'm casually causing casualties. Rap about my cat or.


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