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Please reference the Compliance FAQ section if you have further questions. Please refer to the Product Test Requirements matrix below for specific test requirements of the USB-IF Compliance Program. There are also a number of whitepapers that describe testing techniques. These documents can help in understanding. Fill out the checklist that applies to your type of product and submit a soft copy when registering your product for testing online or bring to a Compliance Workshop to turn it in. Compound devices should submit both HUB and Peripheral Checklists. These checklists may be updated periodically or additional ones added. The USB-IF Integrators List is a list of USB products that have met the criteria established by the USB-IF Compliance Program and therefore are eligible to bear the USB-IF Logo. In order for a company to use the Trademarked USB logo in conjunction with a product, the following requirements must be met: The products must.

The information presented on this page contains updates to policies and procedures of the USB-IF Certification Program. Check here frequently for the latest information Or subscribe to the Compliance Updates news feed: RSS feed. Select a topic. The USB-IF Compliance program uses specific USB devices and USB hubs during certification testing. Email [email protected] to get a list of these Known Good Devices and Known Good Hubs. Any questions regarding KGDs or KGHs should be directed to [email protected] 9 Feb Each set documents the high-speed electrical tests required for the compliance program. Please determine which set of procedures meet your need based on your test equipment : Some of the following approved test solutions use proprietary software to assess signal quality and inrush current.

USB-IF Compliance Workshops are held regularly to promote USB product development. Please remember that all attendees must be USB Implementers Forum members in good standing and be pre-registered in order to attend. Please be sure to thoroughly test your products and complete the required checklists before. USB Certification & Testing. NTS is one of the first labs authorized to perform SuperSpeed USB (aka USB ) compliance testing. USB is the pervasive computer connection standard in world, connecting literally millions of computers to hundreds of millions of peripherals. Since its inception in the mid-nineties, USB has. USB Full Speed signal quality, Low Speed, signal integrity, upstream, downstream, fail, waiver, USBET, USB-IF, certification, compliance.


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