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7 Oct Does anybody know the settings for the DEFAULT which IJJI gives when you first download GunZ? I need that EXACT , anybody mind sharing?:o mine's all chang. Okay, seeing as lots of people (including me) had problems with this I've decided to make a tut on setting up your Move the thread to Google gunz archtype and paste the code over your following video code in , I would post it here but it disappears with the < tags around it. Custom. 1 Nov With this made by me personally, IJJI GunZ - even with gamguard - can run smoothly on, for example, my crappy 6 year old dell pc! I play with a ( somewhat) consistent 50 FPS and manage to maintain a reputation as one of the top players - so you should be able too as well if your skill is great.

14 Jul [RCFG] - Archetype's recommended If you care about good graphics in gunz this is not for you. With this made by me personally, Pb Gunz - e. I read Freestyle Gunz forums on troubleshooting this issue. I have done the following: 1) Installed micrososoft frameworks as instructed. 2) Disabled DEP 3) Checked VGA updates 4) Attempted to located and delete/edit it, but does not exist. Need your help. Note: My ign was DopyGirl(lvl ). Usage. To start up a basic local server and play on that, download binaries from the Releases page on here, run the server () and then run the client (). There is no additional configuration required. To connect to someone else's server instance, change the IP in to their IP or domain.

I can't seem to find the config file in the gunz folder or the option in-game. is this feature not allowed or am i not looking hard enough? It's been a 8 In texture is the closest to Sol's config, and 9 is "white maps". on UGG is renamed to , you can find it in the gunz directory. Reply. Find. There's a file called in your Gunz folder that has the information on all your in-game options. If you change this file, you can do things that will reduce FPS lag (for those of you with computers that aren't crazy). Here is a copy of the part of my In order to change your , right click on the . Field of View: 70 | Horizontal Degrees (Resolution Base). FOV Notes: Not possible to adjust. Affected by: FOV: No | WPS: No. Engine: Realspace Added: Freestyle GunZ - Hipfire. Config file: Path: C:\ Freestyle GunZ (Installation folder). Sensitivity 1. Minimum.


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