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Back in the Options window, in the “ST-V BIOS” box click the Browse button. The “ Select STV BIOS file” window will pop up, which is this window. Click on “stv bin”, then click Open. Click OK. A window will pop up with “??????”. SSF is just telling you to close and re-open it for the configured BIOS to take effect. Go ahead . Contains: Sega Saturn BIOS (EUR).bin Sega Saturn BIOS v (JAP).bin Sega Saturn BIOS v (JAP).bin Sega Saturn BIOS v (US).bin Use with Saturn emulators like SSF, Yabause, Satourne, Saturnin, and Cassini. Also use the bios whose region matches with your game's region. For some emulators . 9 Sep STV and SSF? I've noticed that STV is supported by SSF, but what STV exactly? The arcade games? What advantage does it have over MAME? And does it support I don't remember exactly how SSF handles ST-V emulation, but make sure you BIOS region is the same as the game's region. There's.

3 Sep SSF is a Sega Saturn and Sega Titan Video emulator for Windows, developed by Shima. It is able to run most Saturn games without issues Old versions. SSF versions alpha 4 to beta R4 ( MB) list and screenshot sections. SSF Tribute - includes help, compatibility list and BIOS downloads. 30 Jun its been awhile for me as well, once you start SSF for the first time you need to go to the options and set the bios then restart, then after like 2 seconds it will start up, pretty straightforward after that, just mount your disc image and set SSF to . Oh and you don't need the STV bios, I don't have one on mine. Please do not steal this FAQ, direct people to the site so that they know where the latest version is and where to ask for help. This FAQ Contains: What is SSF? What do I need to run SSF? Why is SSF so slow on my computer? What is a BIOS image and do I need it? Where can I get this BIOS file? Why doesn't the Saturn.

21 Mar Likes Received: 0. Haven't really looked into the changelist yet, but aside from compatibility related stuff, the things you'll be interested in the most are STV emulation, and that SSF can now run without BIOS files (of course its still recommended to use them). ~phantasy/ssf/index. STV BIOS: Leave this blank. This site does not cover emulating the STV Arcade unit. CD Drive: Make sure the drive you plan to use to load Saturn CDs is selected here. Cartridge: Normally you will choose Backup RAM Cartridge. 15 Apr Re: New to emulators please help me with SSF!!! ive got the game to work now, but it runs quite slowly is there any way i can change this? I have amd athlon 64x2 and the right specs! What are stv bios, and what difference will it make if i have one with ssf? Last edited by rs-t; April 16th, at


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