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Multiwii sketch

May 5, Hallo, we have upgraded from MW to , but the sketch ist 72 Bytes to large to upload it to the FC (HK_MultiWii_SE_V2). We have a Hexacopter (Y6) with GPS. Nothing special at all. In Future we need only one servo for the camera tilt. This is at the moment commented out and the sketch ist still to large. Dec 31, This document is under construction. This document is to provide the Beginner with some basic guidance to some of the most common problems related to configuring the MWC. It is not intended to be a cure all and nothing stated within this document is legally binding. The first step of getting MultiWii functioning on your multirotor involves flashing the actual software to the control board. The MultiWii software is completely open source and is getting updated constantly, so it is important to look out for new versions of the software every now and again. The steps below will detail the process.

For use with a basic LCD Module (using Arduino LCD Library) and Wireless Serial Data Transceiver (APC, XBee, etc) View status: Voltage, Errors, Running Time, Flight Modes: Requires Modifications to MultiWii- Sketch can use my Arduino WAV/PCM Audio library: Audio requires an SD card. Below you can read the main changes in MultiWii Open source software for user updating -> Make SURE YOU USE the GUI if your PARIS shipped with PARIS v5r3 now ships with open source code - if you want to know which of these vast raft of possible features is enabled or not you can read the Sketches. MultiWii for Paris Sirius™ v . PARIS boards from -> these ran on MultiWii - download HERE .. With feedback from other members in the now- epic RCgroups thread, Alexinparis extended the TriWiiCopter (later renamed to MultiWii) arduino sketch to support other multicopter configurations including Quad.


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