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Ariadne is now queen, and locked in a war with her deadly rival, Pasiphae. As the power struggle looks to lead Atlantis into greater bloodshed and terror, Ariadne turns to the only one who can help her, Jason. With battle raging and political wheels turning, can the hero of Atlantis and his trusted allies stand against the. Atlantis is a British fantasy-adventure television programme, inspired by Greek mythology and created by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy with Howard Overman. It premiered on 28 September Atlantis was the biggest new Saturday night drama series launch across all BBC channels since , even up on the. The second season of the television series Stargate Atlantis commenced airing on the Sci Fi Channel in the United States on July 15, , concluded on The Movie Network in Canada on January 30, , and contained 20 episodes. The show itself is a spin off of its sister show, Stargate SG The series was developed.

Pasiphae lays siege to Atlantis and without the Palladium to protect it, the city looks set to fall with the last remaining hope resting on Jason, Hercules and . As Medea escapes Jason takes the wounded Ariadne back to Atlantis, where Orpheus swears that he will retrieve Eurydice from Hades. .. Season 1 | Season 2. Metacritic TV Reviews, Atlantis - Season 2, More than two millennia ago, Plato wrote about the legendary island of Atlantis, its rise and downfall. This show, produced by BBC and th. The second season of Stargate: Atlantis was a period of exploration for the members of the Atlantis expedition. Though Rainbow Sun Francks, playing Lt. Aiden Ford left the cast, Jason Momoa joined as the character of Ronon Dex was created, and Paul McGillion, playing Dr. Carson Beckett, was.

The Queen Must Die. 12/13 Jason and Ariadne return to Atlantis to take the throne, but the battle is not over yet. View Programme information. Kin. 11/13 The battle for Jason's soul rages as Aeson and Pasiphae fight to win his affections. View Programme information · The Dying of the Light. 10/13 The new revelations about. 6 Oct Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras will return to Atlantis with Series 2 scheduled to start on BBC One on November 16 May Ninety minutes of dramatic brilliance, exceptional performances and fantastic storytelling bring the story of Atlantis to a premature end. The series had a rollercoaster ride during its first season, but was successfully 'rebooted' into a much darker show, with less focus on mythology and more on the drama.


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