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Warri (meaning "house") is the national mancala game of Antigua and Barbuda. The game is also promoted by the owner of the Tipple Tree Hotel in Belize who has boards and instructions from Antigua in his guest rooms. The game is a variant of Oware, which was brought to Antigua in the early 18th century by African. Warri is played with 48 seeds on a rectangular board that has twelve receptacles or "houses" arranged in six pairs along the length of the board. The players sit with the board crossways between them. At the start of the game, 4 seeds are placed in each house. The object of the game is to capture the majority of the 48 . Barbados Warri is the island's oldest surviving game. It is a member of a great family of pit-and-pebble strategy games that originated in the Sudan over years ago when accountants and engineers of the ancient Kush Civilization of the Upper Nile (today's Sudan) used counters on a tablet with depressions to carry out.

Oware is an Ashanti abstract strategy game among the Mancala family of board games (pit and pebble games) played worldwide with slight variations as to the layout of the game, number of players and strategy of play. Its origin is uncertain but it is widely believed to be of Ashanti origin. Played in the Ashanti Region and . The mission of the Warri Society International (WSI) is to gather any and all data related to the oldest game in the world; the African board game known as Warri, Mancala, Oware and many other names. To create a data depository and make this information available to the community. To teach and promote the game and . G. Bacchus Joseph, the game arrived in the West Indies with African slaves brought to the Caribbean to work primarily on sugar plantations. Joseph, a manager with a popular fast food restaurant in Antigua ' s capital, St John' s, can often be found playing Warri after work at the Bus Station downtown. A bustling spot, just.

It is Saturday afternoon in a narrow alley next to a modest home in the suburbs of Bridgetown. Shaded by a rusted iron paling, several men are taking turns to sit in pairs astride an old wooden bench. Between each pair lies an unusual-looking board game. Its worn surface is punctuated by a series of hollows, each. Explore itzcaribbean uk's board "Warri Board Game" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Board games, Role playing board games and Antigua.


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