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Duel iranian movie

Duel (Persian: دوئل ) is a Iranian war drama film It was directed by Ahmad Reza Darvish, who was mostly known for films about the Iran-Iraq war. Duel was shot in roughly 11 months in various cities of Iran. The first screening was at the Fajr International Film Festival, in , where it won 8 Crystal Simorgh Award. Action · The story of Zeinal, a man who after 20 years of being a POW, tries to clear up his past. This is about a father and his daughter who has been injured from the mines from Iran-Iraq war. Director: . The last movie from Director " Ahmad Reza Darvish" is about the 8 years War between Iran And Iraq. This relates a big. 6 Jul Movie Info. Zeinal, an Iranian soldier who has been a prisoner of war for more then 20 years, returns only to see that he has been deemed a traitor. The story revolves around Zeinal and Eskanadar who both are looking for a chest containing several important documents who are looking for that chest for.

Iran and Qatar are separately bringing the life of the Prophet Muhammad to the big screen. According to Arabian Gazette, Qatar-based Alnoor Holdings owned by the Al Hashemi Group has announced it will spend up to $1 billion for a series of seven films about the life of Prophet Mohammad, produced by Hollywood. Free Movies IMVBox brings the best of Iranian Movies. Watch Iranian Film, Documentary, Short film and IranianTV. This Iranian short is especially effective in its first 15 minutes, as we are introduced to the story of Zeynal (Pejman Bazeghi), an Iranian soldier who has been imprisoned for 20 years and deemed a traitor. Reportedly the first Iranian film to feature Dolby Digital Sound, "Duel" captured 7 Crystal Phoenix Awards at the 22nd Fajr.

14 Nov An invigorating men-in-war movie, with an almost "Three Kings"-like flavor, Iranian action-drama "The Duel" will come as a pleasant surprise to auds sated by either peasant dramas or arty, metaphorical fare from the region. Punchily directed by Ahmad Reza Darvish, with a real sense of the smoke, noise. Here the physical similarity of two of the characters was used to change the ending. Towards the end of the film Prince Ramon and one of his soldiers engage Carlos, the film's hero, in a sword fight, in a palace where King Lorenzo is being held captive. In the middle of the duel, Ramon notices Lorenzo and engages him in a. Iranian movie poster image for Duel. The image measures * pixels and was added on 10 February '


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