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Scp 173 model download

Scp 173 model

15 Dec version by me. Crediting may not be necessary. Created on Blender, Textured in Substance Painter. 17 Jan SCP Unknown Follow Following Unfollow. 40 Downloads. Views. 2 Like Unlike. Thanks! Also share? Download. Add to. Embed Share Report. Description. Model information. 13 Jan SCP model. Created with Blender (). Sculpt + Retopology + Texture Baking. Rendered image: http://mapperru/renders/

27 Jul Wavefront OBJ # Created by fragMOTION # # vertices v v v v v v - v v v 24 Nov SCP Directly from the game files. I smoothed it up a bit, and here it is. I did NOT model this, just put it out there available for you guys. ENJOY!. 9 Dec Hi, Just made a lowpoly SCP Simple render for fun:) Image Concrete: Image Wooden: Image Download: I might redo the texture cos there are some sims still visible. Normal map has problem, I can't sculpt high poly mesh cos my system is a dinosour. Hope some may find it usefull.

From SCP's very page: This sculpture and its likeness may not be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances. Izumi Kato has graciously chosen to allow the use of the image of "Untitled " by the SCP Foundation and its fanbase for non-commercial purposes only. So if someone were. file contains and model, textures (Diffuse, Normal and Specular. All xpx) and document with info about the CC BY-SA licence. The model is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (same licence that the scp wiki use). This means.


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