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30 Jul If you haven't seen the enhanced image page yet, you can take a look at this image from the US census. And to get you started with the basics, here are a few tips. Viewing just the image. If you want to view just the image, click on the link. Until you click the minimize image link or remove your. Column Labels: When you zoom in on an image column headers will appear at the top of the viewer. Mouse Wheel to Zoom: Select this if you prefer using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Basic viewer: This option is a limited mode for viewing images on slower connections or older computers. Enhanced images: When. 28 Jul In our enhanced image viewer, the index panel below the image will show you the transcription for each record on the image. Sometime on Wednesday, July 29th, images from the following data collections will be shown in the new enhanced image page. Go to one of the search pages listed below, search.

3 Aug Using IE8 and evidently it's not fixed. What's strange is that when the new Enhanced Viewer first appeared I could do these things. Now I can't. The Maximize Image button doesn't work – if I try F11, then I just get a bigger picture with that transcription thing still cutting off the census page. Print does not work. 16 Nov New and improved features. Rotate, mirror, and better zoom controls are new for all users. Magnify, thumbnail view, and enhanced images are new for anyone who couldn't use the previous Advanced Image Viewer. Familiar interface. The basic user interface around the viewer is relatively unchanged. 26 Aug You announce a list of documents that appear in the 'enhanced image viewer' that includes lots of UK data. Both of these apply to the world outside the US as well as to the US and the blog is the only place to find this information. So why it that if you are announcing a trial that is US specific why don't you.

23 Jan Last year, we launched the Interactive Image Viewer as an interactive tool to help you view and interpret information from many of the Census records . Regretfully, I do not know if my computer will be able to handle this nor do I see what advantage it will be for me to use the enhanced viewing option. Have other Reunion users of found any way around being unable to use the Enhanced Image Viewer for census images, OTHER than using a Windows operating system (either real or via Virtual PC) and Microsoft Explorer-- which are the only systems on which Enhanced Image Viewer can. Customizable image viewer for Chrome. Features: ✓ Image centering ✓ Setting background color ✓ Image zooming relative to mouse cursor ✓ Image rotating relative to mouse cursor ✓ Mouse panning ✓ Vertical scrolling ✓ Horizontal scrolling ✓ Key mapping for rotating and scrolling ✓ Scrollbar hiding ✓ Flipping image.


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