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Total warr where is my mind pixies cover

29 Nov “Where Is My Mind?” is widely regarded of one of the best songs by the Boston- based band the Pixies, and it has become quite a popular song for no less than three television shows this Since Fight Club, many film and television shows have used the song in its original incarnation and in cover versions. SPECIALTY CHARTS TRIPLE A Period Ending 2/10/ For more. KEY: TS=Total Spins. * LW TS ARTIST, ALBUM Label 1 62 57 Darkness Permission To Land Atlantic 2 46 Weezer Pinkerton Geffen 3 97 39 Horace Silver Quintet Song For My Father Blue Note 4 1 34 Denali The Instinct Jade Tree 5 63 FUTURE SOUND OF L ROCKET FROM THE C BOUNCING SOULS/AN VHS OR BETA GREEN PAJAMAS RHETT MILLER CINERAMA TSUNAMI BOMB WEIRD WAR TOTAL LEE! THE SO LAYO AND BUSHWACK VOODOO GLOW SKULL PIXIES MUDHONEY FUTURE BIBLE HERO VANDALS SIXTEEN HORSEPOWE.

“Hybrids and full bloods spent most of the time the pixies were imprisoned arguing—and killing one another. In any event, we'd become so polarized by then, both sides had forgotten the power we could tap into when we worked together. each side only taught a portion of the total spectrum of magic to their acolytes. I shook my head, not trusting myself to speak. I'd probably start bawling and wake all the pixies up. “Are they happy tears? Maybe? Possibly?” I nodded, more tears coming out at the idea that it was the truth. I really was happy that he loved me, and for the first time, it didn't feel like a burden or a hassle. Maybe it was seeing. He seemed scared to death, his eyes glued to my shoulder. I stopped laughing because of their total downer attitudes. Tim is the pixie. He had just told me his name, and I found it pretty hilarious that a pixie would be named Tim. That's not crazy, that's normal.” I looked at them but they were obviously still confused.


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