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Slides on global warming download

Slides on global warming

13 Jul Increase in greenhouse gases Concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is highly increasing by human activities -> Leads to the increasing seriousness of global warming ; Global surface temperatures increased about °C/century. 17 May Global warming has become perhaps the most complicated issue facing world nowadays. 24 May Causes of Global WarmingElectrical pollution is a main cause for Global Warming. Mostly, fossil fuels are burned to create electricity and are made of dead plants and animals. Some examples of fossil fuels are oil and petroleum. Many pollutants (chemicals that pollute the air, water, and land) are sent.

As these gases continue to raise surface temperatures, they trigger the release of even greater quantities of carbon dioxide and methane that are currently trapped in frozen Arctic permafrost and tundra soils, further increasing temperatures. potentially causing “runaway global warming”. billion metric tons CO2/yr. Global Warming. 2. EGEE - Pisupati. 3. Greenhouse Gases. Carbon dioxide. combustion of solid waste, fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal), and wood and wood products. Methane: production and transport of coal, natural gas, and oil. Methane emissions also result from the decomposition of organic wastes in. Global Warming Facts: did you know that Global warming could drive to extinction as many as 1 in 6 animal and plant species?.

PowerPoint slide on Presentation For Global Warming compiled by Barun Sarkar.


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